Setting up Big-IP LTM for first time

Got the shiny new LTM Big-IP 1600 from F5. Just getting the box setup notes. Will write more as I setup the box to do the actual work.

IP setting and all can be done from the LCD menu presumably as well, I used the console connection.

Step A. Console Connection

To configure a serial terminal console for the BIG-IP system, perform the following procedure:

  1. Connect the null modem cable to the console port on the BIG-IP system.
  2. Connect the null modem cable to a serial port on the management system with the terminal emulator.
  3. Configure the serial terminal emulator settings according to the following table:
Setting Value
Bits per second [baud] 19200
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bit 1
Flow Control None
The default root password is default, and the preferred default IP address is

Step B. Configure IP settings.

After logging into console, type config

That opens up IP settings menu, easy to follow.

Step C: HTTPS access and licensing:


At the login prompt, type admin for the user name, and admin for the password.

The Licensing screen of the Configuration utility opens.

Network config first, give hostname, change password.

then license activations- > takes to f5 site, enter dossier….

That is it, you are ready to start configuring and load balancing.

I would most more as I work on setting this up.

Thanks for reading.


Never ever use Network Solutions for SSL Certificates

Whatever you do, even if somebody pays you money to use their certificates, never ever use network solutions for SSL certificates.

We have our domains hosted with Network solutions and just for ease of account management we went with their SSL certificate service as well. So after 30+ certificates and with multiple domains with them, out of blue 8 of our certificates were revoked. Some of these have 100k+ active users and all of a sudden end users(including some corporate clients) could not get to our sites.

Found out the certs were revoked, called customer support and Network solution didn’t have anything in the logs why this happened. We got some temp certs, got our sites up and kept following up with them.

2 days after the reason given to us by network solutions: They didn’t bill us and hence they revoked our certificates. Are you kidding me? First of all you didn’t bill us, they notified their account rep, but Network solution account rep had left them 3 years ago and they notified an ex-employee of theirs (black-hole) to bill us. Secondly, even if we are overdue, you don’t just stop corporate certificates just like that. No notifications, nothing, just revoked the certs.

We are looking at pursuing legal action here and moving all our services off of network solutions.

So back to my starting point, even if somebody pays you money to use their certificates, never ever use network solutions for SSL certificates.