Akamai vs Amazon Cloud Front for CDN

Recently I was asked to host https content on our Akamai(re-branded through a partner) because clients get security warning browsing one of our secure sites with http content. After talking to the rep at akamai, I found out that it would be quite a price hike for us going from http to https with Akamai.

This made me look at Amazon Cloud Front and I was amazed that https is included with their plans. We would be switching to Amazon Cloud Front now. Goodbye Akamai!

As long as amazon’s server names are used, https is supported.

Hopefully, Amazon would add HTTPS for CNAME as well for cloud front.

Amazon is asking for feedback from its customers on this survey link: http://aws.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9yvAN5PK8abJIFK

So take out our mouses and let the clicking begin!

Happy Holidays!