One more reason to hate EMC

We have a love/hate relation with EMC, their support and products. We do use EMC for lot of their products and use clarrion storage as well. Recently started the project to upgrade our redhat OS and hence there was a need to updgrade powerpath on linux hosts.

So I did what I am supposed to do, go to powerlink, get the support matrix and get the supported powerpath software as well.

One thing I could’t find is upgrade guide if you upgrading the OS.

Just doing my due diligence, I call support and these are the steps for the upgrade according to support:

1. Un-install powerpath

2. Upgrade OS

3. Re-install newer powerpath.

So there is no option to upgrade powerpath if you are upgrading the OS. Don’t like that, but I can live with that and here comes the kicker:

According to support guy, people don’t know these steps and call most often with this issue. Duh! It is not documented on your site, how would people know. And if this is one of theĀ  most called issue, why not have a warning on the download page?

Not paying attention to customer support is what makes me hate EMC everytime.

But here you go, use the steps mentioned above if you are upgrading powerpath and upgrading your OS.